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We service and repair all makes of Phones Laptops PC's & Tablets and specialise in microsoldring repairs.
We also stock a wide range of parts and accessories. Iphone screen and battery replacements are usually completed within the hour.


About Our Computer Repair Service

Our History

Since first opening in 2000 we have been providing the Wigan area with a friendly non jargon approach to computer build and repair. Over the years we have changed with the needs of the customers and now specialise in mobile phone, tablet and laptop repair. We also can offer a microsoldering service if needed.  We stock a diverse range of parts and accessories and have various supply partners around the globe.

What We Can Do For You

We offer a full repair service to all PC's, laptops, tablets and most mobile phone's. Iphone screens can usually be completed the same day where possible.

Hardware Repair

We carry out a wide range of hardware repairs to PC systems, gaming units, all-in-one's, tablet's and more...

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Motherboard Installation

Laptop Repair

Our fantastic Laptop Repair is among our most popular services. We are more than happy to answer any of your questions before, during, and after the repair process. Get in touch with us today to find out more about this service.

Slow Laptop- After a while, your laptop will feel a lot slower than it used to. With laptop prices so low, it can be really tempting to throw the old one away and invest in a new model. We can do some upgrades to your current laptop, as well as a clean-out of redundant software, you’ll end up with a laptop that is much faster. 

Power Issues- The power socket on your laptop, where you connect the power cable, is called a DC Jack. It is very common for the DC jack to break, so don't worry if yours has. We can fix it.
You'll know that your DC Jack is faulty if your laptop only works on battery power and won't charge or if the DC jack feels wobbly and you need to wiggle the power cord around to make it come on. Most likely the DC Jack needs to be replaced. It's actually very important to do this because each time you wiggle the connector, you're risking breaking it and sending an electrical surge into the laptop, which can cause data loss.


Phone Repair

We know that time is of the essence when getting your phone up and running again so we carry a large range of screens and parts in stock.  We repair most makes and models. 

The first price is for the premium screen then the value screen

Screen replacement- Here are our latest iPhone screen prices as of 

May 25th 2023

iPhone 5/5s/5c £35

iPhone 6/6s £38

iPhone 7 & 8/8se £40

iPhone 6/6s plus 7/8 plus £42

iPhone X £65 Value screen £50

iPhone XS £68 Value screen £50 

XS Max £70 Value screen £52

iPhone XR £68 Value screen £50

iPhone 11 £70 Value screen £50

iPhone 11 Pro £72 Value screen £58 

Iphone 11 Pro Max £82 Value screen £60

iPhone 12&12 Pro £82 Value screen £55

iPhone 12 Mini £98 Value screen £75

iPhone 12 Pro Max £110 Value screen £78

iPhone 13 £110 Value screen £78

iPhone 13 Mini £108

Water Damage- The first step in the iPhone repairing process begins with a full diagnosis – we will check the progression of the liquid damage. The initial diagnosis will allow us to gauge if the damage is irreversible. If the device is saveable we will start the work by using the ultrasonic cleaner and technical liquid cleaners to eliminate all sorts of impurities from inside the device. We always do our best to reduce the time of repairing iPhone liquid damage.

Battery Replacement- We offer battery replacements that will bring your device back to life. Replacing your iPhone battery will give it a new lease on life. An increase in charging is not the only symptom that a battery has a defect. Another reason for repairing your iPhone’s battery fault is when the device gets very hot during use. In many cases, the battery will also swell which can cause the screen to push out from the device. If you want the repair of your iPhone battery contact us immediately to arrange a fast efficient service and enjoy your smartphone like it was new once again.

We use the most modern equipment to fix your device as quickly as possible so you can enjoy your device again.

Please contact us for other manufacturers prices.

Smartphone Battery

iPad/Tablet Repair 

We also repair iPads and Tablets including screens, charging ports, battery replacement and more...

Are you noticing your iPad's battery life is draining much quicker than it used to? Have you damaged the screen? Or is your home button simply not functioning anymore? Do not worry we can have your iPad fixed and back up and running in no time.

We appreciate how important your iPad is, and we will have it back to you as soon as possible. As soon as we replace your iPad screen or cure the fault you are having, you will be contacted to pick it up straight away.

We use high-quality parts for all our iPad Repairs.


Nintendo Switch Repair

Nintendo switch repairs include screens, charging ports and battery replacement.



We can fix a number of problems with your device with micro-soldering, the big part in the process is actually to find the problem. We use methods like taking measures with the multimeter and thermal cameras but also simple visual inspection under the microscope. 


Console Repairs

We replace HDMI ports on Playstation's and Xboxes.

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Would you like additional information about our repairs and other related services? Reach out, we’d be happy to hear from you.

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